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A Regional convention held in Columbus Ohio from 1966 and sponsored by the Olentangy SF Society. Marcon allegedly stands for "Multiple Alternative Realities Convention," but actually was chosen to reflect the month, March, in which it was held.

Convention Dates Guests
Marcon I March 1966 none
Marcon II April 8-9, 1967 Roger Zelazny
Marcon III March 30-31, 1968 Fred Pohl
Marcon IV March 28-30, 1969 Terry Carr
Marcon V 1970 Gordon R. Dickson
Marcon VI March 26-28, 1971 Lester del Rey
Marcon VII 1972 Roger Zelazny
Marcon VIII 1973 Anne McCaffrey
Marcon IX March 29-31, 1974 Hal Clement
Marcon X March 21-23, 1975 James Gunn
Marcon XI March 19-21, 1976 Joe Haldeman, Randy Bathurst
Marcon XII March 18-20, 1977 Howard DeVore
Marcon XIII April 14-16, 1978 A. Bertram Chandler, Larry Smith, Bob Hillis
Marcon XIV March 16-18, 1979 Katherine Kurtz, Fred Haskell
Marcon XV May 2-4, 1980 L. Sprague de Camp, Brian Earl Brown
Marcon XVI March 13-15, 1981 Andy Offutt, Bob Passavoy, Anne Passavoy
Marcon XVII April 30-May 2, 1982 Hal Clement, Buck Coulson
Marcon XVIII May 13-15, 1983 James Hogan, George Laskowski
Marcon XIX May 18-20, 1984 C. J. Cherryh, Todd Cameron Hamilton
Marcon XX May 10-12, 1985 Larry Niven, Carl Lundgren, Bill Maraschiello
Marcon XXI May 1986 Roger Zelazny, Kelly Freas, Andrew J. Offutt, Bill Maraschiello
Marcon XXII May 1987 Michael Kube-McDowell
Marcon XXIII April 1988 David Brin, Michael Whelan, Bill Sutton, Kevin Siembieda
Marcon XXIV 1989 Hal Clement, Todd Cameron Hamilton, Barry Childs-Helton, Sally Childs-Helton, Steve Jackson
Marcon XXV 1990 George R. R. Martin, Melinda Snodgrass, Gahan Wilson, Murray Porath, Chris Claremont
Marcon 26 1991 C. J. Cherryh, Juanita Coulson, Lois McMaster Bujold, Rowena Morrill, Michael Longcor, Richard Spelman
Marcon 27 1992 Steve Francis, Sue Francis
Marcon 28 April 23-25, 1993 Mike Resnick, Jane Yolen, Animal X, Lois McMaster Bujold
Marcon 29 May 13-15, 1994 Boris Vallejo, Barbara Hambly, Philip Jose Farmer, Julius Schwartz, Dr. Jane, While Wolf Games
Marcon 30 1995 Kathy Mar, J. Michael Straczynski
Marcon 31 1996 Joey Shoji
Marcon 32 May 9-11 1997 Harry Turtledove, Juanita Coulson
Marcon 33 1998 Ookla the Mok
Marcon 34 1999 Syntax
Marcon 35 2000 Steve MacDonald
Marcon 36 25–27 2001 Bob Passavoy, Ann Passavoy, Karen Anderson
Marcon 37 May 24–26, 2002 Catherine Asaro, Zander Nyrond
Marcon 38 23–25, 2003 J. Gregory Keyes, Richard Biggs, Eugene Roddenberry, Jr., Kenny Baker, Bill and Brenda Sutton, Judith and Dave Hayman
Marcon 39 May 28–30, 2004 Laurell K. Hamilton, Cecilia Tan, Julie Zetterberg, Cynthia McQuillin, Jane Robinson
Marcon 40 May 27–29, 2005 Tom Smith, Barry and Sally Childs-Helton, Richard Hatch
Marcon 41 May 26–28, 2006 George R. R. Martin, Jody Lee, David G. Hartwell, Eugene Roddenberry Jr., Chris Kramer, B. J. Mitias, Dave & Judith Hayman, Steve Lee, Bill Roper
Marcon 42 May 25–27, 2007 Keith R. A. DeCandido, Laura Reynolds, John Mosby, Kevin Sorbo, Rick Faraci, Three Weird Sisters (Gwen Knighton, Brenda Sutton and Teresa Powell), Pierre Pettinger, Sandy Pettinger, G. Patrick Molloy, Looney Labs, Nancy Janda, Timothy Zahn
Marcon 43 May 23–25, 2008 Alexander James Adams, Steven Brust, Rebecca Forstadt, Kevin Standlee, Sister Sola, Ray van Tilburg, Toni Weisskopf, Hank Reinhardt, Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye, Marc Singer, Leah Cairns
Marcon 44 May 22–24, 2009 Simon R. Green, Jordin Kare, Patricia McCracken, Chris Conway, David H. Lawrence XVII, Samuel Travis Clemmons, Arnold Blumberg
Marcon 45 May 28-30, 2010 Wen Spencer, Billy Tackett, Seanan McGuire, Central Ohio Paranormal Society (COPS), Twilight Creations, Richard Hatch, Casey Daniels, Shane Moore, Donnie Dunagan
Marcon 46 May 27-29, 2011 F. Paul Wilson, Eric Flint, Harry Turtledove, John Palencar, Leslie Fish, Brent Keith, The Extraordinary Contraptions, Marc G. Millis
Marcon 47 April 6-8, 2012 Tamora Pierce, Paula Guran, Kylie Gass, Dr. Bradley Lepper, Erica Neely, Manu Intiraymi
Marcon 48 March 29-31, 2013 Joe Haldeman, F. Paul Wilson, ToyBoat, Jeff Dee, Brian Keene, and (fan) Gay Haldeman
Marcon 49 May 9-11, 2014 Glen Cook, Heather Dale, Ben Deschamps, Eric Flint, Tim Griffin
Marcon 50 May 8-10, 2015 Many returning GoHs
Marcon 51 May 6–8, 2016 Seanan McGuire, S. J. Tucker, Kris Holder-Ried, James Wappel, Geoffrey A. Landis
Marcon 52 2017 Jacquline Carey, Talis Kimberley, Alexa Heart, Jason Marsden, Phil and Kaja Foglio, Charles Urbach, Kristen Simmons, Jason Hardy, Brit Bliss
Marcon 53 May 11-13, 2018 Larry Elmore, Juanita Coulson, Todd Cameron Hamilton, David Lee Pancake, Dandelion Wine, F. Paul Wilson (Author), Shoshie Bauer, Charles Xavier Conley, Cinda Williams Chima, Alexa Heart, and Mogchelle
Marcon 54 May 10-12 2019 Charles Gannon, John Picacio, David Gerrold, Hopeful Romantics, Rebecca Moesta, Kevin J. Anderson, The Harp Twins, Bob and Connie Trembley
Marcon 55 CANCELLED (May 8 - 10, 2020) Carrie Vaughn, Sara Felix, Wolfgang Rumpf, The Blibbering Humdingers, Wreck the System
Marcon 55? March 7-9, 2021

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Also involved: Betty Gaines - Central Ohio Science Fiction Society - Dan Province - Kathy Hamilton - Lou Tabakow - Mark Evans
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