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(1) Not Mundane

Pertaining to fans or fandom. The opposite of mundane. (And not the opposite of pro.)

(2) Being like a Fan

Fanlike, having the attributes of a fan ("a sensitive fannish face") or something a fan would do. See fan for much more.

(3) Not Sercon

Pertaining to fannish fandom or like a member of fannish fandom, the opposite of sercon.

(4) See also Faannish


(5) A Fanzine by Terry Carr

Fan was a fanzine published by Terry Carr.

Issue Date Pages Notes
III 1961-1964 28 Written and edited by Terry Carr in 1961, but published by Bruce Pelz in 1964.

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Other contributors:Charles Beaumont - Damon Knight - Francis Towner Laney - Fritz Leiber - George Barr - George Nims Raybin - Greg Shaw - Guy Lillian - Harry Turner - Harry Warner, Jr. - Hermit of Hagerstown - Isaac Asimov - Jack Chalker - Jack Darrow - Jack Gaughan - Jack McKnight - James Williams - Jay Kay Klein - Jean Young - Jerry Pournelle - Jim Harmon - Joe Fann - Joe Gibson - John Boardman - John Robert Colombo - John-Henri Holmberg - Kathi Overton - Kay Tarrant - L. Sprague de Camp - Larry Niven - Lars Helander - Laura Molesworth - Lois Mangan - Louis C. Smith - Malcolm Edwards - Mark Keller - Mark Olson - Merle Insinga - Merv Binns - Milton A. Rothman - Monty Wells - Moshe Feder - NESFA Press - Patrick Nielsen Hayden - Peggy Rae Sapienza - Philip Jose Farmer - QWERTIOPress - Ramble House - Randy Bathurst - Ray Nelson - Redd Boggs - Reginald Bretnor - Rich Lynch - rich brown - Rick Katze - Rick Norwood - Rob Hansen - Robert Bloch - Robert Neagle - Robin Johnson - Roger Ebert - Roger Sims - Ron Ellik - Roy Tackett - Samuel R. Delany - Sumner Gary Hunnewell - Sycofan - T. J. Burnside-Clapp - Ted Johnstone - Ted White - Teresa Nielsen Hayden - Vanguard Records - Vince Clarke - Wally Balloo - Walter Breen - Wrai Ballard
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