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Tricon was the 24th Worldcon, held September 1–5, 1966, at the Sheraton-Cleveland. GoH: L. Sprague de Camp. Isaac Asimov was Toastmaster. Co-Chairmen: Ben Jason, Howard DeVore, and Lou Tabakow. Officially jointly hosted by Cleveland, Detroit, and Cincinnati (hence "Tricon") See Tricon Program for the complete convention program.

Among its events was a sneak peak at an upcoming TV show, Star Trek. Based on its scanty mention in con reports, the screening didn’t have a big impact on attendees, but it didn’t occur till 7 p.m. on Monday.

1966 Hugos, 1967 Worldcon Site Selection.

Cleveland in '66 beat an out-of-rotation Syracuse in '66 bid. See 1966 Worldcon Site Selection

Bjo Trimble and Fritz Leiber (represented in absentia by John Trimble) were made Knights of St. Fantony in a full-dress ceremony on Friday night.

Loncon 2 Worldcon Bidding,  Hugos Nycon 3
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