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The noblest form of fanac.

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From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
A deep instinct of man, particularly strong in fankind. A typical old-time stf fan began by excerpting and binding the particular stories he liked best in Amazing and Weird; then, either because excerpting was too much trouble, or because he saw the desirability of having all the stories on file, began to save all the prozines without tearing them up; when fanzines came along, he saved them too as a matter of course; and eke Buck Rogers 2429 AD. The real trouble begins when you become a completist. Storage space eventually becomes a problem. Fans' filing methods vary, but they really do need to have their collections where they can be easily referred to. Scrapbooks are a common supplement to magazine collections. Part of any fan visit is inspection of the visitee's collection.

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