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Lutz-Nagey is a fan who in the early 70s was a student in Ann Arbor and worked at the Cloak and Rocket, an sf bookstore there. (He was named Ro Nagey at the time.) He organized an Ann Arbor room party at Torcon and from that founded the Stilyagi Air Corps, the He was a founder of ConFusion and chaired A2 Relax Icon (the first ConFusion in 1974 and ConFusion 12 (the second -- don't ask) in 1975. He was also involved in the first use of the Secret Handgrip of Fandom.

He is professionally a juggler who performs under the name of Ro Fields. He performs occasionally with Stephen Leigh (a Cincinnati-based SF writer) under the names Cosmos and Chaos.

He resides in Baltimore, Maryland, and writes The Fields Report, an Internet gossip column.

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