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(January 17, 1923 -- July 8, 1982)

Born in New Mexico and later living in the Bay Area, Alva Rogers was a West Coast fan, co-chairman of Baycon, artist, author of A Requiem for Astounding. He was first married to Sidonie Rogers (d. 1975) and then in the late 70s married Andi Shechter. He was nominated for a Retro Hugo for Best Fan Artist in 1996.

His FGoH speech "Fandom As A Way of Life?" at the 1962 Westercon is a classic and has been published. With Dick Eney, he reprinted FTL's Ah! Sweet Idiocy! for OMPA. He published Parnassus with Art Saha and James Kepner. He published Bixel and Bixeltype for OMPA (the latter with Dick Eney).

He was a member of LASFS and the Little Men (having served in several offices in both) as well as in the L.A. Futurian Society. He was one of the leaders of the unsuccessful Burlingame in '66 and Burlingame in '67 Westercon bids and was one of the key players in San Francisco in '64 (which brought Pacificon II to the Bay Area.)

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