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(Did you mean a Canadian fan?)

(1938 –)

Ted White is a Hugo Award-winning fan, con-runner, fan historian, fan writer, and Worldcon chairman, who is also known as a pro sf writer and editor, as well as a music critic.

He became an influential fan in the 50s in the NY and Washington, DC, areas and co-chaired the 1967 Worldcon, NyCon 3, with Dave Van Arnam.

In the 1960s, he lived in an apartment in Manhattan called Towner Hall (after Francis Towner Laney.

He raised fanzine production almost to an art form, in terms of effective use of illustrations, color mimeography, and ornate formatting usually found in slick newsstand magazines.

Pseudonyms: Ron Archer, Jacob Edwards, Norman Edwards.

He was one of the founders of the Fanoclasts, a Balcony Insurgent at NyCon II, and organized FanHistoriCon 9. He created a publishing house named QWERTYUIOP and followed the old fannish custom of naming cars, with a series of vehicles named Weiss Rak.

He chaired Lunacon 11, Lunacon 12 and Lunacon 13. He has long been a mainstay of Corflu and was on the committee of Corflu 3, and Corflu 24. He has been a member of WSFS (including President), the late 50s Futurians, the Lunarians. He hosts the Falls Church Second Friday group.

He has been a columnist on Algol, Yandro and Psychotic'/SF Review.

In addition to books and stories written under his own name, he has also co-authored novels with Dave van Arnam as Ron Archer, and with Terry Carr as Norman Edwards. He received a Nebula nomination for one of his stories. He was a member of the Guilford Gafia.

He was assistant editor at F&SF from 1963 to 1968, and then edited Amazing Stories and Fantastic until 1979. As editor of Amazing Stories, he reinstated the letter column and ran some fanzine reviews and other fan features.

He was arrested in 1986 for smoking pot and spent some time in jail. See File 770 #60 p23 .

He did two hoax issues of Fanac with Calvin Demmon. He was a member of The Cult, IPSO, TAPS, and APA-F. Arnie Katz published The Ted White Sampler, a collection of his fan writing.

Fanzines and Apazines:

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

He was FGoH at Aussiecon Two. (He had been Fan GoH at St. Louiscon, but withdrew to dramatize the TAFF winner, Eddie Jones, who became the FGoH.)

He won the 1968 Best Fan Writer Hugo, and was nominated for the 1973 Best Professional Editor Hugo, the 1974 Best Professional Editor Hugo, the 1975 Best Professional Editor Hugo, the 1976 Best Professional Editor Hugo, and the 1977 Best Professional Editor Hugo. He was also nominated for the 1969 Best Fan Writer Hugo, but declined the nomination. Under his editorship, Amazing and Fantastic received three Best Professional Magazine nominations in 1971 and 1972.

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