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(June 2, 1920 –)

Robert Madle, an eo-fan, who started reading sf in 1933 and was an active fan by 1935, was one of the Phillies, a participant in the Widneride, a founder of First Fandom, member of the committee for Philcon I, attendee at the First Convention in 1936, TAFF winner in 1957 (and published A Fake Fan in London as his trip report), publisher of Fantascience Digest, was part of the Philly slate which challenged the Wollheimists in the FAPA election of 1938.

He was a Trustee of WSFA in the 60s, co-founder of PSFS, member of the Washington in '77 Worldcon bid, discovered fandom in 1933, attended the first Worldcon, attended Boskone I in 1941, founded the Carolina SF Society in Charlotte, NC in the early 50s, and for many years has been a highly respected huckster which he continues to this day by mail-order.

He was Worldcon FGoH at SunCon and was nominated for the 1956 Best Feature Writer Hugo.

He was the subject of an Original Member Spotlight feature by John Coker III and Jon D. Swartz in Scientifiction: the First Fandom Report (New Series #44, 2nd Quarter, 2015), and the subject of a Founding Member article by Jon D. Swartz in the October, 2015 issue (Volume 74, Number 10) of The National Fantasy Fan.

For an early short biography, see Who's Who in Fandom 1940, page 9.

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