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Clubzine of the PSFS from 1937 to the end of the War. It was followed by the PSFS Bulletin. This was renamed the PSFS News Bulletin in 1947 or '48. The name reverted to PSFS News again by 1952.

PSFS News (series 1)
Numbers Dates Editors
V1.13 January 1939
V4.9 June 1944 Bob Madle & Jack Agnew
V5.4 May 1945
V6.1 October 1945 Oswald Train
V6.2 1945 Oswald Train
V6.3 January 1946 Oswald Train
V6.4 February 1946 Oswald Train
V6.5 March 1946 Oswald Train

PSFS Bulletin (No issues known)

PSFS News Bulletin
Numbers Dates Editors
V1.5 November 1947
V1.6 January 1948
V1.7 February 1948
V2.3 October 1948 (This date may be in error)
V2.4 October 1948

PSFS News (series 2) (bi-weekly)
Numbers Dates Editors
NN early March 1952
NN late March 1952
NN July 1952
NN December 1952

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