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Boskone I was an early convention, probably just one day, held in late February, 1941 at the R. D. Swisher home in Winchester, MA. It was sponsored by the Stranger Club and chaired by Art Widner. Attendance was about 25, mainly from New York and Boston.

As was customary at the time, it was as much like a modern club meeting as like a modern convention. Art Widner was in charge (and announced that the formal program originally scheduled had been dropped) and R. D. Swisher was sergeant-at-arms (why?). The had a long talk about the NFFF, played a recording with a Christmas message from Los Angeles fans, spent much time poring over the detailed Swisher files, and ate. Widner announced results of his latest poll, and "tried to guide a discussion of how the NFFF could be prevented from falling into heresy and schisms."

This was part of the first series of Boskones. They had been forgotten by the 1960s when the modern Boskone started, so the modern series again started at 1. To distinguish, first series Boskones use Roman numerals, and modern Boskones use Arabic numerals.

See also Early Conventions.

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