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(October 1, 1922 -- 29 May 2011)

Terry Jeeves was a long-time UK fan artist, writer, and publisher. Throughout his long fan career he was well known for welcoming and helping newcomers to the world of fandom.

His solo fanzine Erg (many of which were distributed in OMPA and FAPA as well as generally) saw 166 issues from 1959 to 2005; he also co-edited Triode 1954-1977 and Con-Science (1954) with Eric Bentcliffe and Eric Jones.

His line artwork (including the trademark alien 'Soggies') appeared in many fanzines and won him the 2007 Rotsler Award.

He was a founding member of the BSFA, he edited its critical journal Vector 1958-1959, and he received the 1965 Doc Weir Award. He was on the Loncon I and Brumcon committees. He was a member of the Nor'West SF Club.

He was one of the founders of TAFF and ran unsuccessfully for it in 1955. He was the subject of a Terry Jeeves Fan Fund to bring him to SunCon in 1977, but it actually brought him to Iguanacon in 1978. He was inducted into the First Fandom Hall of Fame in 2010. He was a Knight of St. Fantony.

With Mike Ashley he compiled the The Complete Index to Astounding. He published the Fanzine Production Handbook.

Thomas D. Sadler published Wartime Daze, an appreciation zine to Jeeves that included numerous articles and art by him.

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