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(1922 -- August 8, 2006)

Leman (from Pennsylvania, who lived in the West in Colorado and Wyoming) and was an active letter hack in the days of the pulps. He sems to have found fandom in the 1950s and shortly thereafter published the fanzine Vinegar Worm (and a regular fanzine and then for FAPA), the apazine Nematode (for SAPS). He seems to have been the original perpetrator of the Bagby Hoax.

In FANAC #1 (February 1958), he described his introduction to fan writing thus:

What happened was this: a little over a year ago, I saw an ad in ASF which caused me to write to Fantasy Times for a sample. Ron Smith had an ad in one of the early issues I received, and I subscribed to Inside & SFA. (I use the old titles of both.) I found Inside an interesting publication, and sent Ron an article, which was published in the last Inside. That involved me in a certain amount of correspondence, a segment of which got me into the NFFF. It also brought me a number of fanzines, which inspired me to tackle one of my own. Comment on that brought me a lot of names and information about FAPA, SAPS et al. In a little while I published a second issue, a copy of which you received. And here am, a neo of neos.

During the 60s through the 80s published several stories in F&SF, later collected in Feesters in the Lake and Other Stories.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

His short story, "Window," was on the Nebula ballot in 1981.

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