A Tale of the 'Evans

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ATOTE was a fanzine published by E. Everett Evans and included in FAPA.

Issue Date Pages Notes
V1.1 December 1941 4
V1.2 June 1942 12
V1.3 September 1942 12
V1.4 December 1942 4 In FAPA 22
V2.1 Winter 1943 4
V2.2 Spring 1944 8
V2.3 Summer 1944 10
V2.4 Fall 1944 12
V3.1 Winter 1944 6
V3.2 Spring 1945 8
V3.3 Summber 1945 6
V3.4 Fall 1945 14
V4.1 January 1946 14
V4.4 Summer 1947 14
V5.1 Fall 1947 14
V5.2 Spring 1948 8
22 Final issue

The last page of issue V1.4 was prepared by Al Ashley who announced that Evans had asked him to do so, and that Evans would be incommunicado as far as fandom is concerned for a year or two, but was otherwise unspecific.

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