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(1942 -- 2007)

Calvin W. "Biff" Demmon was a California fan who published Big Plans, Chicken Wagon (for OMPA), Large Flying Bird, Ten Years in the Red Light District, New Cat Sand, First Four Years of the Great War, *Skoan*, Fun Weekly, Grunt, The Spirit of Horse Creek (with Robert Lichtman) Wake Up Stupid (with Steve Stiles for Shadow FAPA), W'basket (for Shadow FAPA), Rock...Just A Little (with Es Adams and Larry Ivie, The Celebrated Flying Frog of Contra Costa County (with Andy Main, and Hot Shit (with John D. Berry) and was a member of The Cult. He was a member of CRAP and its exclusive successor, APA-X. He did two hoax issues of Fanac with Ted White. He also wrote for a wide variety of fanzines published by others, and was a noted humorist both in person and in print.

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Also involved with: Fanac - Innuendo - Shadow - Skoan - The Flying Frog - Trap Door
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