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(Did you mean a Las Vegas Don Miller?)

(???? -- June 1982)

Don Miller was a fan who lived in the Washington, DC area and was active in DC fandom and in the N3F.

While a member of WSFA, he published Series One of The WSFA Journal with 87 issues ending in 1974. He also published nearly 200 issues of the newszine Son of the WSFA Journal. In the mid-late 70s, he left WSFS -- there was a feud of some sort. He began publishing The SF&F Journal which was effectively a continuation of The WSFA Journal under a new name.

In the late 70s, he founded the Potomac River Science Fiction Society for which he published The Potomac River Science Fiction Society Newsletter.

For the N3F he served as Chairman of the Directorate, was active in its Games Bureau, edited The National Fantasy Fan and Tightbeam and received its Kaymar Award in 1969.

He also published Diplophobia and Kendell Foster Crossen: A Bibliography.

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Also involved with: Fanwriting Circle - Spiritual Frontiers - Washington Science Fiction Association
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