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A fanzine published by Joe Kennedy named for a fictional BEM.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 October 1946 18 in FAPA 37
2 Fall 1947 12
3 Spring 1948 16 Final issue


From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
(Kennedy) An unseemly creature which roams through the jungles of all planets except Earth and Jupiter, tho the fattest and most slimy grulzaks are found deep within the vine-choked woodlands of Venus. Grulzak hunting is the sport of kings (and more self-made types of executives, too). Little equipment is needed for it: a large atomic ray pistol will stun a grulzak at a distance of three yards. Take along a first-aid kit, a copy of the Kinsey Reports (for reading while you're waiting for the grulzak to show up), a file of Shaver Amazings (for fire-starting) and a box of toothpicks. Grulzaks dwell where the vegetation is densest, since they are extremely modest and don't want the other animals watching them when they shed their skin (which they do twice a day). When you detect an odor of H2S mingled with Chanel #5, the Grulzak is nearby. Their mating call is similar to the sound produced when a squeaky piece of chalk is rubbed along a blackboard, coupled with the bellow of a bull ape.

A Golden Grulzak, meanwhile, is a fannish libation. In Karen Anderson’s No Holds Barred recipe, it’s made from 1 oz. gin and 1 oz. frozen pineapple juice concentrate mixed in a tall glass topped off with ice and soda.

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