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(1943 --)

A fanzine, convention and club fan. He was one of the co-founders of APA-F, the first weekly APA, and the founder of FIStFA, and has been a member of the Fanoclasts, the N3F, and ISFCC. He was a member of the New York in 1967 Worldcon bid. He ran for DUFF in 2003. He is married to fellow fan Linda McInerney. He was involved in the Subway Incident.

Fanzines include: Baying at the Moon, Hacksaw, Quokka Quest (with Linda McInerney), Focal Point (with rich brown), San Francisco Fanzine Faan, SF Film Fan, Barricini, and Constipation (with three others).

APAs and Apazines include:

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Also involved: - 2003 DUFF Race - Connstipation - ESFA - Earl Evers - Larry McCombs - Pressing Business - Westercon 18 - Westercon 19

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