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(June 16, 1939 -- November 1, 1977)

David McDaniel, whose fannish alias was Ted Johnstone. Photo by Bill Mills, submitted by Curt Phillips.

He was a member of LASFS, and the Hyborian Legion. He lived at the Fan Hilton. He ran for TAFF in 1968. He participated in Coventry under the name Tedron, which was also a nickname.

He was an early Tolkien fan and organized the first Tolkien club, The Fellowship of the Ring, and wrote High Fly the Nazgul, Oh!, the first known Tolkien filksong. He also sand The Ballad of Killer Kemp in The Musquite Kid Rides Again! (He also had a non-singing part in The Purple Pastures.)

Johnstone published The Willis Papers, and A Fanzine for Atom/Rotsler. He was editor for a time of the LASFS Newsletter, Menace of the LASFS, I Palantir, and of Shangri L'Affaires.

He was a member of most of the APAs of his time, but he didn't try to be an omniapan. His Ruritania was one of the first Diplomacy-by-mail fanzines.

He led the LA in '67 Westercon bid and for a time was chairman of Westercon 20.

He was the author of several of the 1960s Man From U.N.C.L.E. novels. He included many fannish allusions in those stories like having a thinly veiled Forry Ackerman in one story and the trivia game Botticcelli in two others. He was a fanquet honoree in 1966.

He was married to fellow fan Joyce Potter McDaniel Jumper.

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He also participated in TAPA, IPSO and APA-L.

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