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(1923 – ????)

Oakland, CA, fan Joe Fortier (nicknamed 2J4 in imitation of 4sj) started reading sf in 1933 and was introduced to fandom by Harry Warner, Jr. in 1938. He was a charter member of The National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) in 1941, and an early member of the N3F's advisory board. He was a member of the Science Fictioneers, the IFF, the Golden Gate Fantasy Progress, the SFL and New Fandom.

He was the Type Fifteen Fan.

At the Denvention in 1941 he presented the San Francisco bid for the 1942 Worldcon.

His photo appears (with fellow fan Tom Wright) on page 172 of Harry Warner's fan history, All Our Yesterdays (Advent, 1969).

For an early short biography, see Who's Who in Fandom 1940, page 6. Nee John Reitrof per his 1944 FAPAzine Twilight Echoes.

He was the subject of a Founding Member article by Jon D. Swartz in April 2018 issue National Fantasy Fan (IA).

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