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(1947 --)

Bruce Gillespie is an Australian fanwriter, fanzine editor, and small-press publisher probably best known for his long-running fanzine SF Commentary. In 2004, Irwin Hirsh published the The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie. Along with Carey Handfield and Rob Gerrand, he was a founding editor of Norstrilia Press, which published Greg Egan's first novel.

SF Commentary was nominated for the 1972 Best Fanzine Hugo, the 1973 Best Fanzine Hugo, and the 1975 Best Fanzine Hugo.

In 2005, he was the subject of the Bring Bruce Bayside fan fund and he was one of the administrators of The Tucker Bag fan fund.

He was responsible for one of the hoax Australian NASFiCs. He was made a life member of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club.

Apas: ANZAPA (1968- ), APA-45 (in early '70s), FAPA (1984-94), Acnestis (1995-)

Fanzines and apazines include:

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