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The Illini Fantasy Fictioneers was organized to put on the Chicon. It was an Illinois group, but accepted members nationally. It was organized in mid-1939 in Bloomington, IL. Bob Tucker was Director, Richard Meyer was Secretary-Treasurer, Erle Korshak was Adviser, Mark Reinsberg was Chairman of the convention, and Sully Roberds was Publicity Director. (Most of them were still in High School. Tucker, at 25, was the Old Man.)

Sully Roberds published the Fantasy Fictioneer as their Official Organ, and they organized meetings (calling them the Chicago Conferences.)

From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
The Illini Fantasy Fictioneers, formed by Reinsberg, Tucker, et al, as the publicity organization for the Chicon; afterwards continued as a state organization, finally joining the Mid-West Fantasy Fan Federation.

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