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(For other Philcons, see Philcon (Disambiguation).)

A convention also called the Philadelphia Conference of 1939 held in Philadelphia in the Fall of 1939 and sponsored by the PSFS.

Oddly enough, Philcon did site selection for the 1940 Worldcon. See 1940 Worldcon Site Selection.

See also Early Conventions.

From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
From Conference – The Philco of 1939 was held in the same hall as the Third Eastern Convention rathern in the back of the Baltadonis saloon. Futurians and Queensies were both present in force, for the last time at any one gathering, and a fite almost happened between Sykora and Wollheim. The discussion was on a general fan organization; Rothman, Speer, and Kyle wanted to launch a new one, each having ideas about what it should be. The Triumvirs presented their constitution for New Fandom and attempted unsuccessfully to get it approved. No conclusion about a new org was reached. Sykora showed fan movies afterwards.

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