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Ralph Milne Farley was a joint pseudonym for Roger Sherman Hoar (April 8, 1887 – October 10, 1963), a Massachusetts state senator and assistant attorney general, and his daughter, Caroline Prescott Hoar (May 3, 1914 – January 9, 1992).

According to Raymond A. Palmer in Science Fiction Digest (July 1933):

Ralph Milne Farley is TWO people! Here’s the dope; Ralph Milne Farley, up to January 1, 1932, was Roger Sherman Hoar, A.B., M.A. LL. B. After that he began writing in collaboration with his daughter, Caroline Prescott Hoar, who had been writing under the pen name of ‘Jacqueline Farley.’ Their combined efforts have been published under the name Ralph Milne Farley exclusively since the combine was effected. Miss Hoar is a student at Radcliffe, majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering. She is responsible for the improvement in Farley’s “The Golden City” over previous works....

Farley is known principally today for their An Earthman on Venus (1950).

About 1940, the Hoars moved to Milwaukee, and “Farley” was a member of the pro writers club, the Milwaukee Fictioneers.

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