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The Milwaukee Fictioneers was a Wisconsin pro writers’ group established in 1931. It met twice a month on Thursdays at members’ homes. Although many members wrote sf and fantasy, others wrote mundane fiction and nonfiction. The male-only club collected no dues, recorded no minutes, elected no officers; they explored writing techniques and brainstormed, but never read from their manuscripts.

Fredric Brown, Robert Bloch and Donn Brazier were among the members.

The Fictioneers eventually merged with Allied Authors of Wisconsin, which is still extant.

From Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement, ca. 1960
The group consisted of Ralph Milne Farley (Penname of Roger Sherman Hoar, a former Wisconsin senator[1]), Ray Palmer, Arthur Tofte, Lawrence Keating, and, later Stanley G. Weinbaum. Its primary importance lines in the fact that upon Weinbaum's death, the Fictioneers sponsored the publication of a memorial volume, Weinbaum's Darm of Flame. Conrad H. Ruppert, the printer for Julius Schwartz' Fantasy Magazine, set the type and ran it off two pages at a time; RAP arranged to have the book bound The original introduction by Palmer was deemed too personal by Weinbaum's widow, so another by Keating was substituted. Six copies with Palmer's introduction are known to exist.
From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
A group of professional authors in Milwaukee, probably not limited to stf writers. Many wrote for Amazing Stories after Ray Palmer took over editorship.


  1. Actually, Hoar had been a Massachusetts state senator, before moving to Wisconsin, and shared the penname with his collaborator, his daughter, Caroline.

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