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(October 28, 1916 – August 25, 1983)

Frederick Benjamin Shroyer, a California fan, academic and collector, locced the prozines in the 1930s, and found fandom just before the War. A member of LASFS and the Moonrakers, he opposed technocracy and had opinions about atheism. He was part of Moonstruck Press and published Sweetness and Light. He used the penname of Erick Freyor.

He authored over a dozen books including Critical Essays in Science Fiction Literature (1979), Science Fiction Writers (1981) and, with Dorothy Parker, The Art of Prose (1965) and Short Story: A Thematic Anthology (1965).

A native of Indiana, in mundane life, Shroyer was a professor of English and American Literature at California State University, Los Angeles, for over 25 years, book editor for the Los Angeles Examiner, a literary critic, and television moderator. His papers and book collection were bequeathed to his college.

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