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Captain Future was the eponymous hero of a series of space operas and the name of the pulp prozine most of them appeared in, which started up in 1940, after a promotion at the First Worldcon. The adventures of Captain Future, a super-scientist whose real name was Curt Newton, featured in every issue along with short fiction of similar style.

Mort Weisinger was editor, and Edmond Hamilton wrote most of the Captain Future novels.

Wartime paper shortages killed the magazine in 1944, but Captain Future tales continued in sister magazine Startling Stories through 1951.

Entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
(Hamilton) A long-sustained series which was the quintessence of thud-and-blunder zap-zap science fiction; appeared in its own magazine and in Startling Stories. Cap's stooges, the Futuremen, are worthy remark: Grag the Robot, Otho the Android, and Simon Wright, the Living Brain. There were also iron-eating meteor pups and other feckless/frivolous additions from time to time.

Ad for TWS, Startling Stories and Captain Future featuring Hans Wesso art from the Chicon program book, 1940.

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