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This list of Denvention I members was printed in the Denvention Two Program Book in 1981. The compiler -- it was not bylined, so we don't know who it was -- researched the membership list and tried to track down the present status of every member of the 1941 Denvention.

Possible members were divided into four classes:

  • Certain or probable attendees
  • Members of the Colorado Fantasy Society (the sponsoring organization.) Apparently, no record was kept of who among them attended. (In those days the $1 membership fee was a minor part of the con's income and no one fussed much over who paid and who didn't.)
  • Well-wishers not listed as CFS members. (Apparently the equivalent of Supporting members. It's hard to tell from this distance whether or not they attended, but the fact that the last group exists suggests that many of them did.)
  • Members of Well-wishers known not to have attended.

Abbreviations: (d.) -- Deceased (LtF) -- Lost to Fandom (i.e., gafiated or fafiated) (A&W) -- Alive and Well

Group I: Certain or Probable Attendees Forrest J Ackerman (A&W in n LA) Elsie Balter (A&W as Elsie Wollheim) Rusty Barron (A&W as Rusty Hevelin) (Fan GoH of Denvention Two) Franklin Brady (LtF) Phil Bronson (LtF) Louis Russell Chauvenet (A&W in MD) Allen Class (d.) Chester Cohen (d.) Eleanor Daugherty (A&W in LA) Walt Daugherty (A&W in LA) Dave Dawson (LtF) Claude Degler (LtF) Bill Deutsch (LtF) Ted Dikty (A&W in OR) Mr. & Mrs. M. Doreal (LtF) Dave Elder (LtF) E. Everett Evans (d.) Joe Fortier (LtF) Paul Freehafer (d.) Edmond Hamilton (d.) Charles Ford Hansen (A&W in Denver) (Denvention committee) Dale Hart (d.) Willard Hawkins (LtF) Leslyn Heinlein (LtF) Robert Heinlein (A&W in LA) (GoH of Denvention) Roy Hunt (A&W in Denver) (Denvention committee) Alfred D. Kleyhauer, Jr. (A&W in Denver) (Denvention committee) Damon Knight (A&W in WA) C. M. Kornbluth (d.) Erle Korshak (LtF) Adam Lang (LtF) Walt Liebscher (A&W in CA) Robert A. W. Lowndes (A&W in NYC) Robert Madle (A&W in MD) Leonard Marlowe (LtF) Lewis Martin (A&W in Boulder, CO)* Charles Massion (LtF) Al Mckeel (LtF) Elmer Meukel (LtF) John Michel (d.) John Millard (A&W in Toronto) Morjo (Myrtle R. Douglas) (d.) Elmer Perdue (A&W in LA) Milton Rothman (A&W in Phila.) Cecil H. Schwartz (LtF) Julius Schwartz (A&W in NY) Larry Shaw (A&W in CA) Don B. Thompson (LtF) Julius Unger (d.) Fred John Walsen (LtF) Art Widner (A&W in CA) Olon Wiggins (A&W in Denver) (Chairman of Denvention) Norm "Gus" Willmorth (A&W in CA) Don Wollheim (A&W in NYC) T. Bruce Yerke (d.)

Group II: Members of the CFS; Con Attendance Uncertain Gene Autrey (LtF) Charles A. Beling (LtF) Ray Bersi (LtF) Helen Bradleigh (Claude Degler invention) Lynn Bridges (LtF) Jim Bush (LtF) Lee Casey (LtF) Bert Castellari (d.) Floyd Counts (LtF) Gerry de la Ree (A&W in NJ) Jack Donovan (LtF) Donald J. Dougherty (LtF) Emrys Evans (LtF) E. L. Fraula (LtF) Roderick Gaetz (LtF) Joe Gilbert (LtF) Earl Barr Hansen (LtF) Burce L. Hanson (LtF) Russ Hodgkins (A&W in CA) Henry H. Hough (LtF) W. S. Houston (d.) Bob Jones (LtF) Arthur L. Joquel II (LtF) Jerry Keeley (LtF) Richard J. Kuhn (LtF) Louis Kuslan (LtF) Gertrude Kuslan (LtF) Seymour Larock (LtF) Bob Linn (LtF) George Lucas (LtF) Faye Manning (LtF) Marvis Manning (LtF) Vincent Manning (LtF) Edwin Macdonald (LtF) Frank Mccourt (LtF) Leo Marguiles (d.) Betty Nystrom (LtF) Eleanor O'Brien (LtF) Oscar (If present already dead; Oscar was the Decker Dillies club mascot—a skeleton) Celia Parks (LtF) Maurice Paul (LtF) Pogo (Patti Gray) (LtF) Malcolm Reiss (d.) Sully Roberds (d.) Jack Robins (LtF) J. Michael Rosenblum (d.) Samuel D. Russell (d.) Phil Schuman (LtF) A. L. Schwartz (LtF) Vince Scullin (LtF) Art Sehnert (LtF) Ray J. Sienkiewicz (LtF) Earl Singleton (LtF) Sisson, Rosalie (LtF) William Sisson (LtF) Bob Studley (LtF) R. D. Swisher (d.) Roy Tackett (A&W in NM) Steve Takacs (d.) Glen Taylor (LtF) Roy Test (LtF) Robert G. Thompson (LtF) Ray Washington, Jr. (LtF) Douglas Webster (LtF) R. R. Winterbotham (d.) Tom Wright (LtF)

Group III: Well-Wishers Not Listed as CFS Members Al G. Birch (LtF) Ray Bradbury (A&W in LA) Mearl Carson (LtF) Edwin Chamberlain (LtF) Bowen Conway (Futurian pen-name) Graham Conway (Futurian pen-name) Rogert Conway (Futurian pen-name) W. Kermit Conway, III (Futurian pen-name) Millicent Diana Conway (Futurian pen-name) Cecil Corwin (LtF) Edwin Counts (LtF) Robert Degler (Fictional brother of Claude Degler) Walter Erickson (LtF) Dale R. Francis (LtF) Georges H. Gallet (d.) Millard Verne Gordon (LtF) Sarah Delano Gottesman (LtF) Henry Hasse (d.) "Helen Of Newcastle" (Helen Bradleigh, whom see) (Inventive guy Degler) R. A. Hoffman (d.) Melvin Korshak (Also Known as Earl or Erle Korshak) Paul Dennis Lavond (Pen Name for Kornbluth, Lowndes and Pohl) David McIlwain (LtF) Vol Molesworth (d.) Wilfred Owen Morley (Pen Name for Lowndes) Hugh Raymond (John Michel) Mark Reinsberg (A&W in Md) John Reitrof ([Joe] Fortier spelled backward—LtF) Charles Schneeman (D) Bill Silvey (LtF) George Tullis (LtF) Sophia van Doorne (LtF) Braxton Wells (LtF) Weaver Wright (F. J. Ackerman)

Group IV: Members or Well-Wishers Known Not to Have Attended Donn Brazier (A&W in MO) John W. Campbell, Jr. (d.) Mary Gnaedinger (d.) Charles D. Hornig (LtF) Dorothy McIlwraith (d.) Raymond A. Palmer (d.) Frederik Pohl (A&W) Clarissa Smith (d.) E. E. Smith (d.) F. Orlin Tremaine (d.) Wilson Tucker (A&W in IL) Harry Warner, Jr. (A&W in MD)

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