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Mary Corinne “Patti” Gray (later Russell, then Wood) was a Los Angeles fan frequently called by the Esperanto nickname Pogo. She and her cousin Morojo (Myrtle R. Douglas) were avid Esperantists.

Pogo was one of the charter members of The National Fantasy Fan Federation. With her husband, Russ Wood, in 1942, she was one of the founders of the Harbor Fantasy League, a group of fannish couples in the LA area. She published STF-ETTE, the first feminist fanzine, and, with Russ, Fan-Damn. She was heavily involved in FooFoo and was thus, of course, an anti-Ghughuist.

Her photos appear on pages 135 and 248 of Harry Warner's history of fandom, All Our Yesterdays.

She was the subject of a Founding Members article by Jon D. Swartz in the March 2016 National Fantasy Fan (IA). Her photo was included in the article.

From Fancyclopedia 1 ca 1944
Nickname for Mrs. Russell M Wood, formerly Mary Corrine Gray, once called Patti.

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