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(Did you mean Donald C. Thompson, chairman of Denvention 2, or Donald A. Thompson, the comics fan?)

(January 25, 1904 – November 7, 1979)

Donald Burton Thompson, a fan who lived in Louisiana during the early 1940s, was active beginning in the 1930s as a prozine letterhack, and published the FAPAzine Phanny (later Phanteur). He was often referred to in fandom as D. B. Thompson, under which sobriquet he sold a story, “Eccentric Orbit,” to the March 1941 Astounding.

He wrote extensively for Le Zombie, where Tucker nicknamed him “Donna Belle”; Bob also tuckerized him in The Chinese Doll (1946).

He originated the phrase “Fandom is a Way of Life” in FAPA in 1943.

Thompson had a membership in Chicon, the 1940 Worldcon. He was a charter member of the N3F in 1941.

He eventually moved to Nebraska.

Fanzines and Apazines:

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