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Frances and Charles Tanner at Midwestcon 3, 1952.

Midwestcon 3 was held by the CFG May 10–11, 1952, at Beatley's on Indian Lake, Russells Point, Ohio.

Attendees included: Doc Barrett, Ray Beam, Robert Bloch, Elliott Broderick, Fern Brooks, Henry Burwell, Jean Carrol, Arthur C. Clarke, Paul Cox, Sybil and Howard DeVore, Ted Ditky, Harlan Ellison, Lloyd Eshbach, Bette and Philip José Farmer, Don and Margaret Ford, Randy Garrett, Agnes Harook, Lynn Hickman, Lee Hoffman, Carole Hustwick, Bob Johnson, Max Keasler, Karen Kurz, Ed Kuss, Ian T. Macauley, Julian May, Steve Metchette, Harry Moore, Nancy Moore, Perdita and Ray Nelson, Art Rapp, Mack Reynolds, Darrell C. Richardson, Frank M. Robinson, Steve Schultheis, Hal Shapiro, Patti Sharpe, Bennett Sims, Roger Sims, Ben Singer, Riva Smiley, Doc Smith, Lou Tabakow, Frances and Charley Tanner, Dale Tarr, Bob Tucker, Bob Turner, Shelby Vick, Jerry Wieland and Ed Wood.

Beatley's, 1952.

Hotel relations were unsettled by a drunken, naked femmefan yelling from a hotel window and firecrackers reportedly set off by Bennett Sims. The report on the InVention circulated, and Ellison was obnoxiously incensed at not having been invited. Smiley was reportedly refused a room by the hotel due to something she’d done at Midwestcon 2, and had to stay elsewhere.

The presence of Turner, who was among the banquet speakers, is notable, since he was Black, and, the next year, the same hotel turned away Bev Clark, supposedly due to a Jim Crow policy.


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