Ed Kuss

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(???? – ca. 1980)

Ed Kuss at NorWesCon in 1950. Photo by Martin Alger.

Ed Kuss, a Detroit fan active in the 1940s and ’50s, was a member of the Misfits, who hosted some of their meetings in the 1940s. He attended Beercon in 1948, Midwestcon 1 in 1950, and was one of the fans officially registered in Room 770 during Nolacon in 1951.

Kuss was a fanartist of some ability, according to C. Stewart Metchette. He attended conventions at least through 1958. He was the face of DeCon as the “MSFS WelCom Chairman.”

From left, Arnim Seielstad, Howard DeVore, Ed Kuss and Randall Garrett at Midwestcon 1 in 1950. Photo by E. Everett Evans.

Person ????ca. 1980
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