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(January 6, 1934 –)

Arnim Seielstad, a teenaged fan from the Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, was active in the 1940s and ’50s. A member of the Misfits, he hosted meetings at his parents’ house and introduced Howard DeVore to the club.

He attended Midwestcon 1, and was one of the team behind Bar-Rag. He belonged to SAPS and the N3F.

He moved to Washington, DC, in the early 1960s, and gafiated.

In Fantasy-Scope 2 (April 1992), Roger Sims recalled:

One evening several fans including myself went to his house to do some fan pubbing using the hectograph method of reproduction. After reproducing the first page we took the pan down to the kitchen, melted it and poured it back into the pan. We then went back to Arnim's bedroom to talk up and work on the second page. After some time, enough time for the material in the pan to harden so that page two could be reproduced, we went back to the kitchen to retrieve the pan. Someone had taken a knife and had cut it into a number of equal squares. I should tell the reader at this point that at the same time that we were creating deathless prose, Arnim's parents were hosting a party! One of the guests, seeing the pan filled with some kind of substance and wanting to be helpful, had cut the "fudge" into squares, and was waiting for it to cool before sampling. Good thing we went to retrieve the pan when we did!

From left, Arnim Seielstad, Howard DeVore, Ed Kuss and Randall Garrett at Midwestcon 1 in 1950. Photo by E. Everett Evans.

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