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DeCon was a fan gathering held by the Misfits December 28–29, 1948, in Detroit, Michigan. Ed Kuss was, apparently, in charge.

Plans were announced in Spacewarp 21 (December 1948):

In retaliation for Stein's famous BEERCON, the Michigan Science-Fantasy Society is sponsoring the Second Semi-Annual Postwar MidWestCon -- the DeCon.....and you’re invited.!

There will be little in the way of a formal program -- except that a stupendous array of mags, books, and original illos will be auctioned to (we hope) defray expenses ... the rest of the time will be devoted to bullsessions and what­ ever else might turn up -- and that’s likely to be ANYTHING! 

There is NO registration fee for the DeCon.....just be there! If you can afford it, plan to stay at a flophouse, hotel. Y(M/W)CA, or other exotic establishment. But if your budget won't stand that, write us and we"’ll try to find a place for you to sleep -- except that you won’t have time for much sleep, if the DeCon follows the usual fancon patt.

If you publish a fanzine with a pre-Christmas issue, give the DeCon a plug, hey?

For complete details, inquiries, directions on how to get thoroughly lost in the Lovcraftian maze of Detroit streets, and other vital info rush a letter to the MSFS WelCom Chairman: 

                        ED KUSS
                        7502 Grixdale
                        Detroit, (12) Michigan

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