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Charles De Vet with Jean Carrol, Solacon, 1958.

(February 6, 1917 – December 5, 1994)

Jean Carrol was a fan name for Jane Kurz (née Margaret Jane McClain; later Engel), a New York fan active in the 1950s. She served on the concoms of Philcon II (the 1953 Worldcon), Metrocon I (1954) and NyCon II (the 1956 Worldcon) and attended many conventions.

With Dave Kyle, she created the Worldcon banner unveiled at NyCon II.

She was an official “correspondent” for the newszine Fantasy Times. She belonged to the N3F. She hosted early meetings of the NYSFCircle.

She took out an ad in the Philcon II program book saying that she was representing something called the Independent Song Writers Agency and “plugging” Ted Sturgeon’s song “Thunder and Roses.”

In 1934, Jean married German-American research chemist Walter Kurz; he was a mundane, but their daughter, Karen Kurz, became a fan and N3F member. By 1950, the Kurzes had separated. Jean was in New York City,[1] while Walter was in Newark, NJ, and Jean's mother reared Karen in a rural area near Pittsburgh.

Jean married fan Ted Engel around 1963, according to a LoC from Ted in G2 v2#6, February 1963, p. 12). The Engels were listed as members of Chicon V, the 1991 Worldcon, in its Program Book, but do not appear in later Worldcon member lists.

Jean died December 5, 1994; her last known address was in Jamaica, Queens.[2]


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