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(December 14, 1934 –)

Carolyn Hickman (née Carole Hustwick) of Wauseon, Ohio, attended her first convention in 1952. She is a fake fan in the old-fashioned sense of the term, enjoying the company of fans but having little interest in science fiction or fanac. She regularly went to cons and fan gatherings with her husband, actifan Lynn Hickman, notably Midwestcon, which she continued to attend after his death in 1996.

She recalled in Scientifiction: The First Fandom Report (New Series #45, 3rd Quarter 2015):

My husband Lynn took me to my first Midwestcon in 1952, before we were married. Not being a science fiction fan, I had never read any books other than Jules Verne, so I had no real idea what any of the fans were talking about.
Over the years, Margaret [Ford Keifer] and Carrie [Tabakow] (Lou Tabakow’s wife) would invite us to sit with them, as our husbands were out and about. As soon as we all got checked in to the hotel room, Lynn would leave and I would not see him again until it was time to turn in for the night.

Carolyn played notable roles in events at Midwestcon 5, where she hid door-busting Jim Harmon in Riva Smiley’s hotel room, and Midwestcon 6, where Harlan Ellison tried to auction her off on a street corner in Bellefontaine, Ohio, which led to Doc Barrett moving the con out of his hometown the next year.

She was credited as co-editor of The Little Monsters of America.

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