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Agnes Harook at NorWesCon in 1950.
Photo by Martin Alger.

(1930 – )

Agnes “Aggie” Harook (later Miller), a Detroit fan active in the 1940s and ’50s, belonged to the Misfits and SAPS. She was secretary-treasurer of the Misfits in 1952. For a time, she shared an apartment with Nancy Moore.

She traveled by bus with Roger Sims to Nolacon. The two of them met Max Keasler and Rich Elsberry en route. (The three men, along with Ed Kuss, but not Aggie, were the registered inhabitants of Room 770.)

She was the reason “Big-Hearted” Howard DeVore got his nickname. In Mimosa 10 (July 1991), Howard recalled:

I, Roger, and Agnes Harook were all in SAPS for a while — I had talked Agnes into joining. I was the only one with a mimeograph, and I was doing all the work. Agnes would cut a few stencils, and she would leave very wide margins. So after she turned the stencils over to me to print, I would proceed to add comments down the margins of her stencils — about how nice I was, about how big-hearted I was for doing all this. Then, at some point, I admitted that there wasn’t any Agnes, and I was carrying two memberships under different names. This upset Agnes — she at least wanted to get credit for what she was doing. So, next time she brought the stencils, she waited while I printed them, and then took the finished pages with her to mail them to the Official Editor. At that point, I ran off a cover with my comments, mailed it off to the OE and said we’d forgot to put a cover on Aggie’s fanzine, and would he staple it on? Two or three weeks later, the SAPS mailing came and here was a new cover on her fanzine.
Misfits Agnes Harook and George Young, ca. 1949. Photo by Howard DeVore.

Harook gafiated after marrying Gordon Miller, a mundane. Gordon died in 2004. According to her younger brother's obituary, Agnes was still alive in June, 2021.

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