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(Did you mean the Worldcon or the Portland convention?)

Norwescon (without internal capitalization) is a regional convention that has been held in Seattle since 1978. The convention was founded by the Northwest Science Fiction Society to give its organizers experience and credentials for their ambitious Seattle in 1981 Worldcon bid. The first outing, held March 25-26, 1978, at the SeaTac Holiday Inn, was chaired by Greg Bennett. Theodore Sturgeon was the Author GoH, John Berry the Fan GoH, and Alan E. Nourse the Toastmaster. Except for an interruption in 1987, when it was replaced by a scaled-back "Alternacon", it has taken place annually since then and draws over 3,000 members. Originally held on the last weekend in March, it shifted to Easter weekend in 1995.

Not long after its founding, Norwescon gained a reputation as a meeting place for authors and publishers. It hosts the annual presentation of the Philip K. Dick Award for best original paperback novel, first presented at Norwescon VII in 1983.

Convention Dates GoHs, Notes
Norwescon 1 March 24-26, 1978 Theodore Sturgeon, John D. Berry
Norwescon 1.5 November 4-5, 1978 (relaxacon)
Norwescon 2 March 23-25, 1979 Philip José Farmer, Loren MacGregor
Norwescon III March 29-30, 1980 Alfred Bester, Fred Pohl
Norwescon 3.5 October 25-26, 1980 (relaxacon)
Norwescon IV March 27-29, 1981 Samuel R. Delany, Rowena Morrill, Jack Palmer, Pauline Palmer, Tilda Palmer
Norwescon 4.5 November 21-22, 1981 (relaxacon)
Norwescon V March 18-21, 1982 Thomas M. Disch, Michael Whelan, Bob Shaw
Norwescon 5.5 October 30-31, 1982 (relaxacon)
Norwescon VI March 17-20, 1983 Jack Williamson, Richard Powers, Art Widner
Norwescon VII March 22-25, 1984 L. Sprague de Camp, Catherine Crook de Camp, Don Maitz, Jack Speer
Norwescon 7.5 October 27-28, 1984 (relaxacon)
Norwescon VIII March 14-17, 1985 Brian Aldiss, Jack Gaughan, rich brown, Gregory Benford
Norwescon 8.5 November 2-3, 1985 (relaxacon)
Norwescon IX March 20-23, 1986 Anne McCaffrey, Kelly Freas, Greg Bennett, James Oberg
Alternacon March 26-29, 1987 Orson Scott Card, Dan Reeder, Marty Cantor and Robbie Cantor
Norwescon 9.5 August 15, 1987 (relaxacon)
Norwescon X March 24-27, 1988 Marion Zimmer Bradley, Rick Sternbach, Jon Gustafson, Avram Davidson
Norwescon 10.5 1988 (relaxacon)
Norwescon XI March 23-26, 1989 Algis J. Budrys, David Mattingly, Mike Glyer, Dr. Alan E. Nourse, Avram Davidson
Norwescon XII March 29-April 1, 1990 Roger Zelazny, David Cherry, Pat Mueller, John G. Cramer
Norwescon XIII Number skipped, apparently to compensate for Alternacon!
Norwescon XIV March 28-31, 1991 Stanley Schmidt, James Warhola, Becky Thomson, Forrest J Ackerman, Joe Laybourn
Norwescon 14.5 September 6-8, 1991 (relaxacon)
Norwescon XV March 26-29, 1992 Poul Anderson, Alan Gutierrez, Willie Siros, Celia Smith
Norwescon XVI March 25-28, 1993 Betty Ballantine, Janny Wurts, Pat Mueller, Chris Jonientz-Trisler, Anne McCaffrey, Mike Jittlov, Teresa Janssen
Norwescon XVII March 31-April 3, 1994 Katherine Kurtz, Scott MacMillan, Darrell K. Sweet, Peggy Rae Pavlat, Deborah A. Wood
Norwescon XVIII April 6-9, 1995 Robert Silverberg, James Gurney, Dr. Jane Robinson, Danny Rudesill
Norwescon XIX April 4-7, 1996 A. C. Crispin, Tom Kidd, Kitty Canterbury, David Valentine
Norwescon XX March 27-30, 1997 Larry Niven, A. E. van Vogt, Vincent Di Fate, Brad Foster, Robert L. Forward, Glenda Hedden
Norwescon XXI April 9-12, 1998 Neil Gaiman, Brian Froud, John Lorentz, Ruth Sachter, Patricia MacEwen, Anthony Ward
Norwescon XXII April 1-4, 1999 Harry Turtledove, Richard Hescox, Jack Chalker, Eva Whitley, Jack Horner, Susan Allen
Norwescon XXIII April 20-23, 2000 David Brin, Gregory Benford, Barclay Shaw, Bjo Trimble, John Trimble
Norwescon XXIV April 12-15, 2001 Connie Willis, Bob Eggleton, Charles N. Brown, James P. Hogan, Dragon Dronet
Norwescon XXV March 28-31, 2002 Jack Vance, Brom, Andrew I. Porter
Norwescon XXVI April 17-20, 2003 Jane Yolen, Jim Burns, Geoffrey Landis, Michael Whelan
Norwescon XXVII April 8-11, 2004 Mike Resnick, Don Dixon, Joe Haldeman, Ben Bova
Norwescon XXVIII March 24-27, 2005 Michael Bishop, John Howe, Alan Dean Foster, Suzette Haden Elgin
Norwescon XXIX April 13-16, 2006 Lois McMaster Bujold, Donato Giancola
Norwescon XXX April 5-8, 2007 Kim Stanley Robinson, Luis Royo, Donna Shirley
Norwescon XXXI March 20-24, 2008 Dan Simmons, Ciruelo, Naomi Novik
Norwescon XXXII April 9-12, 2009 R. A. Salvatore, Todd Lockwood, Geno Salvatore
Norwescon XXXIII April 1-4, 2010 Vernor Vinge, John Jude Palencar, John G. Cramer, Cory Doctorow
Norwescon XXXIV April 21-24, 2011 Patricia McKillip, Kinuko Y. Craft, Marie D. Jones, Jim Butcher, Shannon Butcher
Norwescon XXXV April 5-8, 2012 Stephen Baxter, John Picacio, Bridget Landry
Norwescon XXXVI March 28-31, 2013 Catherine Asaro, Lee Moyer, Edward Tenner, Gardner Dozois
Norwescon XXXVII April 17-20, 2014 Michael Moorcock, Robert Gould, Catherine Plesko, Seanan McGuire, Animal X
Norwescon 38 April 2-5, 2015 George R. R. Martin, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Amy Mainzer
Norwescon 39 March 24-27, 2016 Tanya Huff, Janny Wurts, William K. Hartmann, and DAW Books
Norwescon 40 April 13-16, 2017 Ian McDonald, Cory Ench, Catska Ench, Ethan Siegel, Angry Robot Books
Norwescon 41 March 29-April 1, 2018 Ken Liu, Wayne Barlowe, Mathew Wedel, Green Ronin Publishing
Norwescon 42 April 18–21, 2019 Mary Robinette Kowal Tran Nguyen, Dan Koboldt, Nancy Pearl, Neil Clarke, Subterranean Press
Norwescon 43 April 9-12, 2020 April 1-4, 2021 (virtual) Jacqueline Carey, Sana Takeda, Susan Langley, Tor Books, Claire Eddy
Waypoint Norwescon January 15, 2022 (virtual)
Norwescon 44 April 14-17, 2022 Cat Rambo, Rob Carlos, Fairwood Press, Connor Alexander, and Lydia K. Valentine
Norwescon 45 April 6-9, 2023 Phenderson Djèlí Clark, Grace P. Fong, Greg Dubos, Uncanny Magazine
Norwescon 46 March 28-31, 2024 Jim Butcher, Charles Vess, Kate Alice Marshall, Clarkesworld
Norwescon 47 April 17-20, 2025 Tracy Drain, Isis Asare, Piazo

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