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(March 12, 1950 – )

Gregory R. Bennett is a fan and author.

He and his then-wife Becky founded the Northwest Science Fiction Society in Seattle in late 1976, having been introduced to fandom at MidAmeriCon. Greg served as president of the club until his departure from Seattle. He chaired Norwescon 1 in 1978 and Norwescon 2. He also headed the Seattle in 1981 Worldcon bid, which lost only narrowly to a much better known Denver committee. Not long after the loss, he took a new job in Texas and has not been notably active in fandom since then.

He began his sf writing career with "Swan Song" in Analog (August 1993). The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction calls his work “assertively technophilic.”

An aerospace engineer and advocate for space colonization, Bennett founded the Seattle chapter of the L-5 Society, and in 1993, the Artemis Project.

After divorcing Becky, he married Melva Lund in April 1980 in Texas.

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