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(November 6, 1907 – April 9, 2000)

Catherine Adelaide Crook de Camp was a SF and fantasy author and editor. Most of her work was done in collaboration with her husband L. Sprague de Camp, to whom she was married for 60 years. (Sprague de Camp was a tall man of upright posture and extremely dignified bearing -- Catherine (alone!) called him "Spraggie".)

She was a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, the Authors Guild, and the First Fandom club. Over the years she attended many SF conventions and traveled widely all over the world with her husband. She received the Raymond Z. Gallun Award in 1993.

Her SF books included The Bones of Zora (1983), The Swords of Zinjaban (1991), and The Stones of Nomuru (1988) (all with L. Sprague de Camp). She was also an author in her own right, with The Money Tree, Teach Your Child to Manage Money, and Creatures of the Cosmos among her books.

Catherine died on April 9, 2000, aged 92. Her husband survived her by six months. Their ashes share a columbarium niche together in Arlington National Cemetery.

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