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Norwescon (OR)
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(Did you mean the Worldcon or the Seattle regional?)

The Portland Science-Fantasy Society sponsored a convention named Norwescon, AKA the Northwest Science-Fantasy Conference. It was held April 23, 1949, at organizer Donald Day's home and there were 24 members from all of the three Pacific Coast states. Forrest J Ackerman traveled the furthest, but G. M. Carr and son Eric came down from Seattle and a contingent (Rosco Wright, Norm Hartman and Dennis Fraser) from the newly-formed Eugene Science-Fantasy Society. Mark Walstead came from Corvallis and the other attendees were Portland locals.

In All Our Yesterdays, Harry Warner reports:

John de Courcy introduced to the world his celebrated matter transmitter, and got a Venusian monster from it on the first test. After a buffet supper, a business session dealt with the formation of science fiction groups in Oregon and Washington. Forrest J Ackerman talked about the history of Amazing Stories. Day conducted an auction in which a Bok original brought $15 and less glamorous original artwork sold for 15ยข. Dancing and an unsuccessful attempt to transmit matter followed.

There is a longish convention report in Fantasy Times #81, May 1949.

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