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(1949 --)

Barclay Shaw is a professional artist best known for his SF and fantasy artwork.

Shaw was born in Bronxville, NY. He attended Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, graduating with a BA in 1972. He returned to school in 1977 at the New England School of Art and Design, where he worked with Bob Stewart. Stewart recommended he work in the SF field.

Shaw has been nominated five times for Hugos (Best Professional Artist) and has earned a top ten ranking six times in the annual Locus Poll Award for Best Artist. In 1995, his work "Wonderland (wood)" won the Chesley Award for Best Three-Dimensional Art.

The artist credits author Harlan Ellison for giving him his start in the business when he invited Shaw to paint cover illustrations for 16 paperback editions of Ellison's books.

In 1995, Paper Tiger Books published a compilation of Shaw's artwork entitled Electric Dreams: The Art of Barclay Shaw, with an introduction by Ellison.

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