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The Harbor Fantasy League was an early club -- perhaps the earliest -- in the greater LA area outside LA itself. It was organized in early 1942 by five married couples (including Pogo (Director), Barbara Steedman (Secretary), Dan Lyons (Treasurer), and Russ Wood (Editor)). It tried to avoid being taken over by kids by limiting membership to married couples. It met bi-weekly.

The club rather quickly dissolved when the male members started being drafted for the War and was dead by August 1942. But before it collapsed, it managed to outrage Forrest J Ackerman when one of the HFL's members suggested that he needed a psychiatrist!

From Fancyclopedia 1 ca 1944
The Harbor Fantasy League, a group of married couples in the Los Angeles area, primarily the work of Rus Wood and Pogo. It came into existence in 1942 and shortly fell into inactivity because of members' departure for the wars.

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