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(November 30, 1933 – November 18, 2023)

William B. Ellern, nicknamed Billern, was a Los Angeles fan who found SF when he was seven years old and living in Spokane, WA. He joined LASFS in 1958 and was also a member of The Blackguards and, with his then wife Jane Ellern, frequent host of their parties.

He was Treasurer of SoLaCon, the 1958 Worldcon as well as LA in '67 and Westercon 20. He was a very long-time member of LASFS and served as an officer and Board member, the latter through 2009. He was part of the cast of The Purple Pastures and of a fannish Western film.

After the assassination of Robert Kennedy, he and his wife, Anne Morrel, discovered that Sirhan Sirhan had been their next-door neighbor. Professionally he was an engineer, having worked at JPL on the Ranger moon probe as well as at a number of other aerospace firms.

He sold several stories (each set in one of E. E. Smith's universes).

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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