The Purple Pastures

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A one-shot, 16-page fanzine containing a fannish play that was published by "Carl Brandon" at Solacon, the 1958 Worldcon. (The Brandon hoax was revealed about a month after Solacon.) The introduction by "Brandon" says, "The inspiration for this piece of fannish fooforah was Marc Connelly's 'The Green Pastures.'" "Brandon" translated Connelly's play into fannish terms, known as a Brandonization.

The play was actually produced at Pittcon, two years later, by a group from CHIAC and LASFS organized by Earl Kemp and Bruce Pelz, and this included a new publication of the play. The players and staff included Ron Ellik, Bruce Henstell, Andy Main, Mark Irwin, Rosemary Hickey, Ruth Berman, Jack Harness, Ted Johnstone, Bruce Pelz, F. M. Busby, Lewis J. Grant, Jr., Bjo Trimble, Earl Kemp, Ann Dinkleman, Jim O'Meara, Sid Coleman, Jon Stopa, Robert Briney, Al Lewis, Joe Sarno, Ed Bielfeldt, Gregg Calkins, Ed Cox, Bill Ellern, Ingrid Fritzsch, Richard Hickey, Lou Ann Price, Ernie Wheatley, Ed Wood, and George Price.

The group also put on James O'Meara’s Requiem for a Fake Fan.

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