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A club devoted to weird fiction, which probably operated in the late 1930s or early ’40s. We have the displayed membership card with an address of 9 Rockefeller Plaza, in NYC, (the location of Weird Tales).

From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
From Necronomicon – Necronomicon apparently was used as a name for the league organization sponsored by Weird Tales, from which the Outsiders' Club is descended.

Forry Ackerman wrote a letter to Weird Tales, which appeared in the March 1940 issue on the topic of a Weird Tales Club in LA. He counts Henry Kuttner as a member, and visits from Robert Bloch, Catherine Moore, and Emil Petaja.

I should like to take this means of informing the imagi-natives of Los Angeles and environs of the existence of just such an organization in this vicinity. Over one hundred consecutive meetings have been held! 

We maintain a monster magazine library for the free use of all members, with Weird Tales running back over ten years, and The Hyborian Age and A History of the Necronomicon. The ‘Ghouls’ Get-together’ takes place every Thursday night of the year (excepting rare fifth Thursdays, when we all turn into vampires and go out and ‘paint the town red.’)

Other well-known members included a young Hugh Hefner.

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