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(For other Loncons, see Loncon (Disambiguation).)

Coroncon, the 1953 Eastercon, held May 23–24, 1953 (Whitsun weekend), at the Bonnington Hotel on Southhampton Row in London. There was no GoH. The committee was Fred Brown and others.

Arguably, this was the first modern British SF convention, setting the standard for all that came afterwards. As Rob Hansen notes, "among the new ideas to emerge there were name-badges, James White's zap-guns (a.k.a. water pistols), and room-parties." It was named "Coroncon" because 1953 was the year of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
(Bulmer) The London con of 1953, named after some mundane event or other that took place that year; christened thus ten seconds after the proposal for a con in 1953 had been mooted (at the '52 con, also in London). It was held at the Bonnington Hotel during the same weekend the Queen's Army Schoolmistresses Reunion [!!!] took place there. Site of the Roofcon, and notorious for the quelling by unplayful porters of night party sessions.

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