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January 24-26 The first ConFusion was held. It was ConFusion 13 (which was either the first or the second but definitely not the 13th)
February 22 The first Fantasycon
March 14-16 First LepreCon
March 28-31 First Australian Unicon
Easter SEACON 75
April 12-13 First Maryland Unicon
May AZAPA started
June 8 Murray Leinster dies
July 30 James Blish dies
August 12-17 Aussiecon One (Worldcon)
August 25-27 First Rivercon
September 4-7 NASFiC 1 (NASFiC)
October 3-5 General Technics founded
October 31-November 2 First Iowa Icon
October 31-November 2 First World Fantasy Convention
December 5-7 First Loscon
First FAAn Awards given out
Infinity, Ltd. founded
DUFF: Rusty Hevelin (West)

Publications started or ended:

A Canticle for P. Schuyler MillerAfter the FloodAltairAlternativeAnne McCaffrey: A "Dragondex" and BibliographyAntaresAtroposB(h)eerBest LinesBlazonBlue Book MagazineBumfCastle of FrankensteinDestinyDragon TeethDurfedEgladilEnvoyFanhistoricaFarragoFirst DraftFladnagFlatulenceGemin IGeminiGoblin's GrottoGroaning BoardGunputtyHarbingerHaveringsHeads Will RollHillesian FieldsInside N'APAInverted Ear TrumpetJanusKKhatruKiller QueenKlingon Empire Appointment CalendarKnockers from NeptuneLOC Ned's MonsterLegendsLogical QuandaryLurkMad MusesMadame Frog's Catalogue of the OccultMartian CorfluMatrixMichaelMilk and Cookies Among the AsadiMoon BaneMushroom StewMyrddinNickelodeonNoNon SequiturNotes from the Chemistry DepartmentO'RyanOuter LimitsPantekhnikonParker's PatchPhosphenePrologueQuantumRadixRenaissanceRevivalRichard E. Geis -- A Personal JournalSF ContactScabby TalesScience Fiction International NewsScintillationScribeScuzmothreSecond AgeSfangSilflay HrakaStulticiae LausStunned MulletSynapseTangentThe Competitive QuestThe Fannish Four Go to the SeasideThe Fillostrated Fan DictionaryThe Finest KindThe Ghoul's Court AdvertiserThe God From the Bowl SpeaksThe MutantThe Shadow-LineThe Tucker BagTitanTwixtUndulant FeverUniverseVargaryVertVertexVibratorVoidWarm ChampagneWhy Bother?

Publishers founded or closed:

Stores opened or closed:




New Zealand:


1975 NASFiC Site Selection1st World Fantasy ConventionA Canticle for P. Schuyler MillerAZAPAAggieCon VIAkonAkon IIIAlarums and ExcursionsAlex ShvartsmanAll Our YesterdaysAltairAlternativeAmerican Tolkien SocietyAnne McCaffrey: A "Dragondex" and BibliographyAnonyconAnonycon 1B(h)eerBYOB-Con 5Balticon 9Barry SmotroffBest LinesBlue Book MagazineBoskone 12Brandon SandersonBrian Francis SlatteryBubonicon 7Castle of FrankensteinChambanaCon 5Cherie PriestCodclaveColumbiconConFusionConFusion 13Connie AwardDavid WaltonDesertcon IIIDestinyDisclave 19Dragon TeethDurfedE. Mayne HullEnvoyEquicon '75FanhistoricaFarragoFladnagFreFanZineGemin IGeminiGeneral TechnicsGolden Trout AwardGroaning BoardGunputtyHOPSFA HymnalHalfacon 75Hans Stefan SantessonHarbingerHaveringsHeads Will RollHillesian FieldsHopconHow the GRINCH Stole WorldconICONICON 1Inside N'APAJames BlishJanusJophan!KhatruKlingon Empire Appointment CalendarKubla Khan KhubedLA 2000LA in '75Leo MarguliesLepreConLepreCon 1Little Rock SF GroupLogical QuandaryLosconLunacon 18MISHAPMadame Frog's Catalogue of the OccultMalcolm ReissMarcon XMartian CorfluMichaelMidwestcon 26MileHiCon 7Milk and Cookies Among the AsadiMinicon 10Miriam Allen deFordMoon BaneMurphyconMurray LeinsterMushroom StewMyrddinNASFiCNASFiC 1NASFiC Site SelectionNashville Science Fiction ClubNickelodeonNoNo ConNotes from the Chemistry DepartmentNow You See It/Him/Them...OakLaConOuter LimitsPalm Beach ConPantekhnikonPgHLANGE VIIPhiladelphia International Star Trek ConventionPhilcon 1975PhosphenePotomac River Science Fiction SocietyProloguePulpcon 4QuantumRadixRailconRay C. HiggsRe-KWEST-ConRenaissanceRevivalRichard E. Geis -- A Personal JournalRichard H. SmallRichard ShaverRiverconRivercon IRod SerlingSFWA Grand Master AwardSacramento SF and Fantasy SocietySaladin AhmedSamuel D. RussellScintillationScuzmothreSecond AgeSeeds of ChangeSidonie RogersSilflay HrakaSolarconSolarcon ITangentThe Competitive QuestThe Fillostrated Fan DictionaryThe Finest KindThe Ghoul's Court AdvertiserThe God From the Bowl SpeaksThe MutantThe Shadow-LineThe Tucker BagTusCon IITusCon IIITwixtUndulant FeverUniconUnicon 1UniverseUpperSouthClave VVargaryVaughn BodéVertVertexWhy Bother?Windycon IIWintercon 1Witchcraft & Sorcery SF ConventionWorld Fantasy ConventionWorld Fantasy Convention AwardWorld Fantasy Convention Lifetime Achievement AwardWunderfest

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