Sidonie Rogers

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Alva and Sid Rogers at Baycon in 1968.

(1923 – November 21, 1975)

Sid Rogers, a Bay Area fan, was active in Little Men and the Golden Gate Futurians. She was not so much an sf fan as a β€œfan of fans,” according to Al Halevy.

A former newspaper reporter, she was married for many years to Alva Rogers, whom she wed in the late 1940s. She wrote about their wedding and early years together for Rhodomagnetic Digest 22, (July 1962). They had three children.

Along with Alva, she was involved in the Breendoggle controversy, trying to ban pederast Walter Breen from Pacificon II, the 1964 Worldcon; Breen called her one of the Three Big Bitches of Fandom.

Person 1923β€”1975
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