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(Did you mean a different Infinity?)

Infinity, Ltd., was the Princeton University science fiction society. Founded in 1975 by Jonathan Coopersmith (Princeton class of '78), it held regular meetings in the Daily Princetonian building at 48 University Place, where it maintained a lending library of more than 3,000 books. It produced an annual SF clubzine with fiction and art by student and professional writers and artists. It organized trips to local conventions, showed movies of stfnal interest, and brought writers to campus including Frederik Pohl and Joe Haldeman.

A number of members became professionals, including writers Susan Palwick '82 (who edited Backlog), Keith Hartman '89, NY Times science writer Ken Chang '87, and editor and publisher Gordon Van Gelder '88. The club produced newsletters called Papillon in the early days, and The Infinite Loop starting in March 1981.

The club was suspended for lack of interest around 1990, was revived in 1995-1999, and since then has remained dormant. The Infinite Loop (In Exile) continued to be produced in email form by James Birdsall '90 and Rebecca Mancoll '90 from 1993 to 1998.

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