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(For other Seacons, see the Seacon (Disambiguation) page.)

Eastercon 26, SEACON 75, was a convention held over Easter, March 28–31, 1975, in Coventry, UK – about as far from the sea as one can get in England; the name and capitalization was an initialism for South East Area Convention.

Guest of Honour was Harry Harrison, who replaced the previously-announced [in both progress reports] Michael Moorcock who, in fact, was never to attend an Eastercon again. (The selection of Moorcock as GoH in the first place had earlier led to the resignation from the committee of Andrew Stephenson, who had shown great prescience by insisting that Moorcock was unreliable and wouldn't show up.) Total registration by the end of the weekend was 550 which, even allowing for no-shows, made SEACON '75 the largest Eastercon to date.
Rob Hansen: Then

The con committee were Malcolm Edwards (chairman, artshow co-ordinator), Robert Holdstock (secretary, auction co-ordinator), Peter Roberts (treasurer), John Brosnan (Special Advisor: films), Graham Charnock, Pat Charnock (Fancy Dress co-ordinator), Christine Edwards, Leroy Kettle, John Piggott. – These constituted most of Ratfandom; for details of bidding at Tynecon and analysis of SEACON's pivotal role in the group's history, see Then, again.

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